Kooky Pottery

ISABELLE_crop_sideways“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
– Albert Einstein

Kooky Pottery is the accidental result of my epic struggle with the potter’s wheel. Because my initial results were so awe-inspiring-ly awful, I put faces on my first pots so I could even brace putting my unfortunate results in the kiln. However, something in their smiley personalities seems to touch a chord with people and I could not keep my initial hand thrown line in stock at Little Flower, a boutique café in Pasadena so drawing from my experience in toys. So, I had them manufactured overseas – they are food safe – and they arrived here in March 2013! Since then, we’ve have great response – especially from Museum Shops: FIDM, the Orange County Museum gift shops are carrying a little Kooky and a few more shops soon!

The Kooky personalities are all named after people I know and reflect their colorful personalities. Christine Elephant is named after Christine Moore, the owner of Little Flower Candy Company and perhaps my biggest fan.

Perfect for:

Paperclips, rubber bands, loose change, stray buttons, seashells, pretty pebbles, pocket lint, single earring backs, gold, diamonds, precious and semi-precious gems of all sizes, the thing that came off your watch last weekend, hard sour candies, gum balls, salted caramels, good fortune cookie fortunes & other pieces from your every day life.

To purchase Kooky Pottery, visit my link here for a store near you!