Lynn_Chang-230x300My name is Lynn, my dad is Buddhist and my mom is Roman Catholic. So that makes me Jewish.

I have worked in marketing and product development throughout my professional career although I strangely have two two Mechanical Engineering degrees: a BSME from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and a MSME from Stanford University.

I love to write silly books with pictures because when I was little and couldn’t read those were my favorite types of books and I still like them. I have also recently rediscovered the primal fun of playing in the mud – and launched Kooky Pottery in March 2013.

I also am the founder of two websites; Kitty Planet and Chocolate Grail another two of my passions. Next I am going to tackle designer shoes, purses and fine jewelry.

I am married, am a Gemini and live in Los Angeles with: my cat William, 4 doves, 5 finches and my husband, Fox*.

My favorite color is blue.